Shiage Hamazura: From Level Zero to Hero, Self-reflection and Redemption


It can be pretty tiring watching mean-spirited anime with edgelord protagonists who must take revenge on the ones that wronged them. With isekai being an oversaturated subgenre, having us follow an edgelord protagonist seems to be a recurring trend. What really bothers me is the problematic subtext these types of shows seem to have. Continue reading

Viewer Emotional Response in Anime


The dichotomy of emotion vs logic is treated very similarly to the dichotomy of subjective vs objective. Emotion is seen as biased, as a way to cloud your fair judgement. Logic is seen as a means to judge anime on it’s own merits. I think this is an idea that fundamentally doesn’t work because fiction is made to elicit an emotional response from the audience. Continue reading

Anime to Watch During the Quarantine


At first, I thought such a topic was a ridiculous idea. How can there be anime that are specifically good for watching during the quarantine? I thought you might as well just watch the best ones, and I would just tell people to watch my top 10. But something you come to realize as you watch a lot of anime is that what you feel like watching depends on your mood. Continue reading

Asuna Yuuki: Strength Through Resilience


Warning! There will be spoilers for up until the end of the second season of Sword Art Online.

What makes a strong female character? The answer to this question will vary depending on the person. A huge fan of action will simply think a strong female character is physically strong, one that can kick ass. From a feminist perspective, you will usually get answers such as having agency, or being independent, usually from men. Continue reading