Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’m not exactly sure how I should be doing an introduction so I’m gonna wing it. For my first blog post, I will be discussion a bit of background about me, my background in games and anime, my taste in games and anime, how this blog is organized, and what I hope to achieve with this blog. So let’s begin.


As you could probably guess, I am a huge anime fan and a huge gamer. I watch all kinds of anime and play mostly jrpgs, as well as some Nintendo games. I also like to draw. I’m not an anime art expert, as I don’t draw frequently, but I have so many oc ideas and I’m always making more ideas, although for now, I want to focus on my main story ocs which I may occasionally post about on twitter. I also closely follow the competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene. I don’t play the game competitively because I such, and I don’t have the time to go pro, but I greatly enjoy watching all the major tournaments. I could tell you more about myself like about my family or about college but that’s boring so let’s not talk about that.

My blog title, as some might be able to guess, is from anime. It combines ideas from A Certain Magical Index, Mekakucity Actors (my username and the op theme of the show), and The Idolmaster (the producer gets the idols job).


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Let’s start off with my background in games. When I was young, a friend had a DS with New Super Mario Bros. I wanted that so I got a DS lite for Christmas, but it came with Mario 64 DS. And that was pretty much what got me into gaming. My childhood was mostly Mario games, Pokemon games (including spinoffs) and Monkey Ball, which provided endless frustrating challenge. There were other games I got into like Dragon Ball and Sonic but let’s skip that and get to the important part; the part that had the most influence in my taste in games today. I got an Xbox 360 in middle school and got Tales of Vesperia. It took me a long time to beat at the time, but the important part is it got me into jrpgs. Since then, I got into more Tales games. I was mainly interested since I was also getting into anime around that time. But Tales of Vesperia didn’t just help shape my tastes in games, but also in anime to an extent. Ever since playing Tales of Vesperia, I’ve wanted anime like it.

So let’s move on to my background in anime. I, like many, started out with the stuff everyone did. I watched anime based on games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! I then got into the Dragon Ball franchise through the games since my friends played it. I eventually expanded to more mainstream shounen anime. It is hard to pinpoint exactly which anime had the biggest influence on my taste today, but there are two in particular I think had a major impact, Mekakucity Actors and Sword Art Online II.


First let’s start off with how I feel Mekakucity Actors influenced me. It was summer of 2014, and I had just learned of legal anime streaming. I used a free account on Crunchyroll with ads. There was a huge catalog of anime, and as I was relatively new to anime, it was hard to decide what to watch. I randomly chose Mekakucity Actors and was blown away but how cool and unique it was. I had never seen anything like it (and I would even argue the same today). It really showed me what anime was capable outside of the mainstream, and really encouraged me to check out a wider range of anime, which is largely why my broad a diverse taste in anime, including many hidden gems, is the way it is today. Mekakucity Actors isn’t necessarily the first obscure anime I had seen. I had seen a few others, most notably Casshern Sins. But I only watched that because it was on Toonami. I was interested so I watched it myself, but I was like 12 and had no idea what was going on in that show (I really need to rewatch it). So it’s fair to say that in this sense, Mekakucity Actors was probably the most influential anime on my taste today, and its the reason why my username everywhere is daze3x, and why i use an Ene profile pic.

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The other anime I felt was very influential was Sword Art Online II. I’m not trying to knock on season 1. I watched it recently, and loved it even more than I did the first time, but there was something that I didn’t realize prior to watching the second season. It was the first time I understood the power of anime to tell emotional tales with real depth, nuanced characters, and cover genuine issues that relate to very serious real-world issues. Prior, I had mostly cared for the fights, the cool characters, and the generally shallow themes of mainstream shounen anime.

In SAO II, we first follow Sinon, who has to deal with PTSD, due to her past trauma involving an incident with guns. Her story was presented honestly and with tact, and for the first time, a character felt real to me. This continued on in the Mother’s Rosario arc, with Yuuki Konno, who’s character has still managed to inspire courage in me today, even after so many years. I rewatched season 2 recently and the emotional impact of both arcs hit just as hard now as it did back then. Because of this, my view on anime as a whole started to shift, as well as my taste, as I became more invested in nuanced character development, and meaningful stories and drama.

There are many other realizations that I’ve come to over the years about my taste and about the appeal of a wide variety of different anime, but I would be here all year explaining that, and this is just the introduction.


(Ignore the fact that this image say favorite characters, it should say favorite anime)

First we will start with my taste in anime. To be honest, it is pretty hard to define. I like a wide variety of anime. As you can see in this bingo card of my top 24 anime, there is a wide variety of genres and no consistency. To put it simply, I like anything that interests me. I like anime for a wide variety of reasons. I like action anime with an interesting story and characters. I like thought-provoking, dialogue-driven anime. I like drama. I like comedy. I like many things that may not be represented in this image.

I don’t like everything though. I do have some standards and I do have things I’m not super into, although I’m always expanding my horizons. I would say I’m generally opposed to harems and fanservice focused anime, although I could make exceptions for harems that don’t focus too much on the harem and still manage to be good in some other aspect and shows that don’t focus too hard on fanservice and deliver a fulfilling plot or has some other aspect that gets me interested. Probably the type of anime I’m most opposed to is the one i started out with, battle shounen. I don’t hate all of them, I like FMAB (although I think it’s a bit overrated) and I love Magi, my favorite battle shounen. Other than that, I usually despise them, although I am giving the Demon Slayer dub a try. I just despise the shounen tropes and general bad writing these shows have, as well as the fact that some of these anime drag on for way too long. I don’t mind long anime, but I want to feel that my time has been greatly fulfilled. Dragging is probably the worst flaw a show could have, as that is a massive amount of time I could have spent on a different anime (or doing something else).

That about sums up my taste. It isn’t super descriptive so I guess it doesn’t give you much to go on, but as long as it has good writing and has some aspect that interests me, I may like it. So don’t me afraid to give me recommendations, the worst I could do is say no.

Next is my taste in characters. I could go more in depth on this in a full post dedicated to this topic, so I will try to keep it short for now. As you may be able to guess from this list, I am a huge fan of tomboys or bifauxnen, such as Mordred or Makoto Kikuchi. Something about the tomboy archetype just appeals to me, a lot. I don’t necessarily like every tomboy character. They should fit into a more general set of standards I have for what makes a good character, but if they pass that, then there is a good chance I’m a huge fan.

I also like characters that go through major character arcs, often involving personal introspection or working to improve or fix an aspect of themselves (including major redemption arcs), such as Sinon or Accelerator.

Another thing I’ve begun to realize recently is how I’ve started to become attached to characters that display great amounts of kindness and compassion, and who’s actions have a major positive impact on the lives of others, such as Astolfo and Touma Kamijou.

It would be hard to describe my taste as a whole since I like such a wide variety of characters, such as Izaya, who doesn’t fall into any of these categories. But I would say in general, these 3 categories of characters are probably the ones with the most impact on me, and are more likely to make it into my favorites.

Up next is my taste in video games and video game characters. For video games, it is mostly jrpgs. I love the the unique stories that only seem to come from these games as well as the anime styles and fun combat systems they create. I would prefer action combat over turn-based but I am opening up to more styles of combat, including different turn-based ones. As you can see from the games represented in the image above, I like series such as Persona, Ys, and Tales of. I’ve also recently started the Legend of Heroes series, which I’m loving so far.

I also am a fan of Nintendo games. They are able to create a wide variety of games with a focus on fun above all else. They do have some jrpgs such as Xenoblade and Fire Emblem, but also have other fun games such as Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

I’ve also dabbled a bit into visual novels. I love the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series. I’ve played the Ace Attorney Trilogy and have the rest of the games. I’m also interested in AI: The Somnium Files and whatever that new studio Too Kyo Games decides to release.

As for characters, it’s a similar situation to anime. As you can see, lots of tomboys. There are also a lot of other unique characters. There isn’t as much variety as the anime one though, since games take longer to complete. The ones on this list are largely from my favorite games.

Something I should note for all these images is that my taste isn’t limited to just what ranks among my top favorites. I like a lot of stuff.


So I have multiple categories that each blog post will go in. If you keep up with the blog it won’t really matter but just in case, I will explain the sections.

First up is character analysis. This is basically a post dedicated to a particular character. It can be from a game or an anime, or anything else if I ever decide to get into anything else.

Next is anime analysis. Basically this is for posts analyzing the anime as a whole, not just a particular character. If I am talking about some topic related to a certain anime in some type of analysis-like format, then it will go here.

Anime discussion is a bit different. Basically, this is for posts about anime that aren’t analysis. Any topic related to anime that is meant to generate discussion around a topic without actually analyzing anything goes here. For example, if I wanted to discuss the appeal of idol anime and why people should watch it, then it would go here. It isn’t an analysis of any particular anime, it’s just a discussion of some broad topic.

Next is game analysis. Similar to the anime analysis one, but for games. If I want to analyze a game as a whole or analyze a particular topic in a game, it would go here.

Next is game discussion. Similar to the anime discussion one, but for games.

Next is top list. Top lists are self-explanatory. I rank a category of items in a list, with the highest one being my favorite of the category.

Next is general. If I have something I want to talk about that isn’t specifically related to games or anime, it would go here. I don’t see myself using this much, but I made the category just in case.

Last is about. That is where this will go so it can be referenced at any time. I will make changes to this over time if i need to change how the blog works. There will obviously be certain aspects of this blog post that are out of date that I can’t really change without making it into something that isn’t an introduction, so just recognize that this introduction post originally was posted in October of 2019.


Screenshot (52).png

My method of “blogging” before i started this blog was on Instagram. I would do very large top lists to gain an audience and occasionally would put out an analysis or discussion post. Something I came to realize was how toxic the app really was. There was a ton of elitism and gatekeeping in terms of anime writing. I couldn’t take it anymore and quit posting there. But there is still so much I wanna share, analyze and discuss. I have so many ideas, but I just need to the right platform to do it, as well as the motivation to post and an audience to discuss with. My next best move was an actual blog. So here we are. As far as those Instagram analysis posts go, I will actually be editing them slightly and then reposting them here, since I feel I had some meaningful things to say there, and want to share them with more people.

So what do I want to do? Well I want to share my thoughts on anime and games and discuss them with people. But more than that, I want to show the appeal of a wide variety of games and anime. Particularly with anime, I feel that most anime fans don’t truly understand most of the anime they watch, or at the very least don’t appreciate them. Even if an anime isn’t particularly popular, the ones that are most likely to get legitimate analysis and discussion posts are the ones that most people tend to agree is good or “deep”. I feel like so much meaning is lost to viewers when it comes to anime that fit their strict standards on what an anime needs to be to be considered good or “deep”. I mainly want to focus on these types of anime and show there is more to anime than your preconceived notions of good and that there is so much depth to be found in an extremely wide variety of anime.

Ideally, I would like to discuss as wide a variety of anime as possible. Unfortunately it will likely be a while before that actually happens. Most of the posts I have planned about specific anime or characters are about either Sword Art Online or A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun. I am currently super invested in those series and there is so much to talk about. Have many topical analysis and character analysis posts planned for those series. Unfortunately, it is hard to come up with something to write for something you haven’t experienced in a while. So while there is a ton of anime and games I want to talk about, I can only talk about what I experienced recently, unless I just so happened to have a really good memory about the topic (which is really rare). In this case, Sword Art Online and Index are recent. So anything from in the near future would likely need to be something I experienced this year and anything else in the future I hopefully write about shortly after I experience it, so I don’t forget and miss out on an opportunity to share my thoughts with others. If you ever do wonder what anime, games, or topics I may potentially talk about in the near future, I highly recommend you follow my twitter. Also check out my MAL if you want to know what I have watched or am watching.


That is everything for this introductory blog. I hope you enjoyed me rambling about myself and I hope you support this blog in the future and take interest in the stuff I have to say. Any and all support is appreciated. I would also appreciate if you shared this blog. It is something I really want to take seriously in the near future, and I really don’t want this passion to go to waste. If you have any questions, you can reply to this or ask on twitter. That is all for my introduction. Thanks so much for reading. See you next time.

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  1. A blog really does work better for the type of posts you make. It’s way more pleasant to read this way instead of on Instagram, it just looks much neater. (It’s not that your posts were bad, it’s just that Instagram sucks). I’ll look forward to your posts on this blog.

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