Anime to Watch During the Quarantine


At first, I thought such a topic was a ridiculous idea. How can there be anime that are specifically good for watching during the quarantine? I thought you might as well just watch the best ones, and I would just tell people to watch my top 10. But something you come to realize as you watch a lot of anime is that what you feel like watching depends on your mood. I know this full well as recently I haven’t been in the mood to watch much of anything outside of a few anime. It’s been this way for like 2 months.

Considering how gloomy the atmosphere has been during the quarantine, it’s probably not the best idea to watch something heavy or deep. I think now is a good time to watch something simple, fun, and uplifting. Something that will keep your spirits lifted so you can look forward towards a better future.

The structure of this post will be simple. I will be giving TEN recommendations for anime to watch during the quarantine. You might notice a trend among most of these. This isn’t a top list. It’s just a list of recommendations, so it won’t be in any kind of order.


K-On! is the adorable slice of life anime made by Kyoto Animation. It’s a very simple show. It’s about a school club called the light music club. But it doesn’t focus as much on music as you might think. It really is just a slice of life about friends living in the moment, enjoying the simple day to day activities of the club. Much of the time is spent simply sitting at a table and drinking tea. Each character has their own little quirks that make them charming and enjoyable. For such a simple anime, it is easily one of the funniest ones I’ve watched.

This anime isn’t a drama. All drama in this anime is simple and resolved quickly. K-On! isn’t trying to be a drama-filled heavy show. It expects you to have just as much fun as the characters in the show, because that is what this show is about: having fun. We may live in tough times, and I’m sure many of you miss interacting with people, but sometimes we should just take advantage of the time we have and make the most of it. K-On! is a cute little slice of life that will lift your spirits during these hard times and will hopefully keep you looking forward to the fun times ahead.

You can watch K-On! in sub and dub on Hidive, Vrv, and Netflix.

Harukana Receive


Do you miss the beach? Well I have the perfect anime for you. While Harukana Receive seems ripe for a typical fanservice spectacle, it is surprisingly quite restrained. So, if that is your concern, you have nothing to worry about.

After Haruka moves to Okinawa, she tries to get her cousin back into beach volleyball so she can regain the love she had for the sport. Harukana Receive, at its core, really is a simple slice of life about friendship, teamwork, and enjoying the game you love. It’s overall a lighthearted fun show with exciting beach volleyball matches. If you are looking for intense drama, this isn’t the show for you (I’d instead recommend Hanebado, which aired the same season). But with Harukana Receive, you get an uplifting show that will put a smile on your face.

Also, I have to mention that it easily has one of the catchiest soundtracks I’ve ever heard in an anime. It will really give you that feeling you’re at the beach.

It’s streaming on Vrv and Crunchyroll in sub, and on Funimation in dub.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


During these troublesome times, sometimes we just need to be reminded to spread kindness and understanding, and that is what the slime isekai is actually about. While a typical isekai these days will either follow a bland protagonist with little personality, or an edgelord seething with hatred. But this isekai follows an adorable and lovable slime.

He arrives in this new fantasy world after his death as a slime with some special abilities. One is the ability to eat monsters and take their abilities. He does that and becomes overpowered. Instead of using that power to go on a male power fantasy, he uses it to bring different races of monsters together to form a monster civilization. It may be a bit idealistic, but during times where banding together is more important than ever, it’s an ideal worth striving for.

Honestly, what really makes this show worth it is how fun and satisfying it is. It never takes itself too seriously and has a good mix of action and comedy without ever interfering with the tone, and the script is absolutely amazing. It’s focus on kindness as opposed to bitterness and hatred makes it very satisfying because we see that kindness achieve goals only thought to be achievable through force and punishment. In that way, it was a surprisingly uplifting show.

It can be watched in sub on Crunchyroll and Vrv, and on Funimation in dub.

Laid-back Camp


Who doesn’t like a healing anime about cute girls going camping? That is pretty much exactly what Laid-back Camp is about. The lazy and dumb Nadeshiko discovers the joys of camping and joins and outdoor activities club so she can pursue her new interest.

We may be stuck indoors, so watching these girls do relaxing activities outdoors but be exactly what we need. It’s hard to explain the appeal of such an anime. Cute girls going camping really does describe the anime pretty well, but it’s use of adorable comedic skits and subtle character growth ends up capturing the viewer much more than one might initially think.

It can be watched in sub on Crunchyroll and Vrv.

After School Dice Club


A good way to pass the time while we are stuck indoors is to play board games. But I get it, we are all anime fans. Anime fans don’t play board games. So let’s instead watching an anime about character playing board games instead. A much more acceptable choice for our ilk.

I talked about this anime in my top 10 of 2019. It’s about a girl named Miki with social anxiety who overcomes it by enjoying board games with her friends. The show features a slew of obscure board games from around the world that you probably haven’t heard. I know I certainly haven’t heard of any of these.

Watching these characters grow through such a simple hobby was a treat each week I watched and I was surprised at how a show could have such a relatable cast of characters while still remaining fun and lighthearted. This anime reached levels of wholesome I didn’t think were possible, and that is exactly what we need to make it through the quarantine.

You can watch it in both sub and dub on Funimation.

Three Leaves, Three Colors


It can be hard for the rich to empathize with the plight of the poor. When you have it well off, you start to think anyone can reach your success and that you reached it yourself because you deserve it. But Three Leaves, Three Colors has a girl named Yoko going from a typical rich girl to one who can only afford to eat bread crusts. She ends up making some friends and learns the importance of the more simple pleasures in life and to be grateful for what’s important to her, her friends.

At first I didn’t give this anime much credit, but I enjoyed it a lot more on my rewatch. Despite it’s concept, it doesn’t lean too heavily on the “life lesson” aspect as much as it does the “cute girls doing cute things” aspect. It’s a cute anime with an enjoyable cast of characters and some extremely well executed comedy made even better through stellar character animation.

No matter which perspective you look at this show from, it’s bound to raise your spirits during the quarantine. And if you’re a foodie, this is gonna be a good one for you.

It can watched in both sub and dub on Funimation.



Barakamon follows a calligrapher named Kei Handa. He’s a dude with anger issues. His anger at not being acknowledged for his calligraphy skill gets him in trouble so he is sent off to a small island to cool his head and get new inspiration for his calligraphy.

Not only is this anime absolutely hilarious, but it tells the heartwarming story of a guy maturing and growing as a result of his relationships with others. The island may be full of annoying  weirdos, but eventually they soften his heart and become a huge part of his life, allowing him to grow as a person and appreciate the world instead of being trapped in his own bubble of narcissism.

While we are trapped indoors, it’s a great time for self-reflection and personal growth, and a show specifically about that might just be the catalyst to start working on ourselves.

It can be watched in sub and dub on Funimation.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


There is no specific reasons I would recommend this anime during the quarantine. It’s just really funny. It’s the funniest anime I’ve watched. Chiyo has a crush on Nozaki, who turns out to be a manga author. She ends up helping him with his manga to get closer to him. This anime is essentially a spin on shoujo manga tropes. Nozaki needs inspiration for his manga. He takes inspiration from the real world, but he switches it around a bit in his manga. What’s ironic is that it’s the real world that twists around shoujo manga tropes, while his manga accurately portrays the tropes.

Through the use of clever comedic timing and hilarious animations in it’s various gags, backed by a stellar voice acting performance, it ended up being the funniest anime I’ve watched. And the best thing to watch in depressing times is something that makes you laugh endlessly.

It can be watched in sub on Crunchyroll  and in both sub and dub on Vrv and Hidive.



Hinamatsuri ended up being a huge surprise for me when it aired. It’s about an alien with psychic powers who lands on earth and is adopted by Nitta, a Yakuza. She can be pretty airheaded and absent-minded most of the time, but over time they start to bond like a family. There is also another alien named Anzu who ends up being homeless and learns to be grateful for the life she has been given and to cherish the ones who care for her.

It’s easily one of the funniest anime I’ve watched, but it’s also a very heartwarming and emotional show with some pretty simple but touching life lessons. No matter which alien’s hijinks the show focuses on, or whether it gives focus to the middle school bartender, it’s both an emotional and humorous time with some themes that will surely resonate with viewers during these uncertain times.

It can be watched in sub on Crunchyroll and Vrv and in dub on Funimation.

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?


I’m sure many of you have taken the opportunity to become a lazy bum during the quarantine. I know I sure have. That’s why this workout anime is the perfect anime to watch during the quarantine. It follows Hibiki Sakura, a girl who’s gaining weight and wants to exercise to cut it down. She ends up going to a bodybuilding gym, and gets hooked on this style of workout.

Dumbbells features a wide variety of different types of workouts. With the use of both witty narration and actual guides from Muscle Bro Machio, this anime is not only a great comedy, but also doubles as an educational anime. It discusses various aspects about nutrition and different types of exercises, with tips on how to exercise safely and with proper form, while also explaining the benefits of each exercise. The best part is that many of these exercises can be done right in your home, so you don’t even need to leave your house. Considering we’re quarantined, it’s the perfect match.

Add in the various gags and bodybuilding humor and you have one of the funniest anime and years and an educational show all in one. And trust me, the humor only gets more and more absurd as the show goes on, so you’re always in for a treat whether you’re invested in the comedy or the educational part of the show.

It’s available in both sub and dub on Funimation.


Hopefully by now, you noticed the trend in this list. I can’t say for certain whether this list will work for everyone while we are quarantined, but these are the shows I felt would fit the mood pretty well, and are the most appropriate for our current circumstances. I was somewhat hesitant to write this as this won’t age well in the future once the quarantine ends, but it’s best to think about the present when writing, not the future.

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog and if you have any other suggestions for anime to watch while quarantined, be sure to let me know. I clearly had the perspective that uplifting slice of life and comedic shows are more fitting for quarantine, but maybe you have a different perspective and I would love to know what that it.

Note: I watched the dubs for every single one of these except Laid-back Camp, which doesn’t have one. The dub was absolutely fantastic for all of them, some of which among my all time favorite dubs, so I highly recommend the dubs if you are into that.

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