13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Main Character Rankings

I decided to preorder 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim shortly before it came out. The story seemed interesting. The art style was beautiful. And the dub cast was phenomenal. What I didn’t expect was for this to become one of my favorite games of all time.

Major Spoiler Warning! Do no read past here if you have not finished the game as I will be spoiling the whole game in this post.

For this post, I will be including all alternate versions of each character to rank each character. For example, Chihiro Morimura and Iori Fuyusaka will count as the same character. Same for Juro Kurabe and Juro Izumi and the other alternate versions of characters.

I will also be including a few characters that weren’t playable protagonists. Those that played a big enough role in the story to be counted will be in this post, so in total I will be ranking 16 characters.

Disclaimer, keep in mind this is my opinion and you have a different opinion, you can make your own list or comment down your own. So, let’s get to the list.

Number 16: Miwako Sawatari

Miwako was easily my least favorite major character. To put it bluntly, she was annoying. She thinks of nothing but food and boys. She is always fangirling over characters like Renya and Shu. She treats them like celebrities and freaks out every time she sees them.

She has this really weird and funny animation that plays out when she gets excited about a topic (usually boys) and every time I think to myself that I want to get to the next scene as soon as possible.

On the bright side, she is voiced by Xanthe Huyne, who’s fantastic, but ultimately couldn’t prevent her from being annoying to me.

Number 15: Tamao Kurabe

It’s kinda hard to rank her as her android spends a decent portion of the game taken over by prisoner 426, so we don’t really get to know her much, outside of her connections to some characters and her existence as one of the 15 survivors. Since we don’t get to know her much, and she isn’t as annoying as Miwako, she kinda just defaults to this position on the ranking.

Number 14: Ryoko Shinonome

Ryoko Shinonome unfortunately has to be ranked last for the playable protagonists. On one hand, I do feel bad for her as she is basically being used to entire game due to her memory issues. But her real world version did cause the loops they were in (I guess you can say this is a good thing though because otherwise we wouldn’t have such an interesting story).

And it was quite obnoxious how her main motivation was her love for the shitbag known as Tetsuya Ida. She does end up realizing what he is doing, and has an awesome moment when she shoots him, but she ends up forgetting that, and even fights for his sake in the final battle.

But she does succeed at being a tragic character, and her story was interesting to follow, as her memories constantly wavered, making her actions unpredictable. Also, she is voiced by Kira Buckland, who did a fantastic job.

Number 13: Shu Amiguchi

I’m not a huge fan of the playboy archetype, so he doesn’t make it very high up on the list. His relationship with Yuki wasn’t as compelling since he is kinda annoying and pushy about dating her, although I do warm up to them over time.

His character though did have some pretty crazy twists. He came to know many secrets through Miyuki Inaba and has some of the story’s craziest moments, such as when he discovered the edge of the world.

Unfortunately, his alternate version doesn’t do much to make him rise in the ranks. Tetsuya Ida may have been a compelling villain in terms of his tactics, but he was a piece of shit. He used a bunch of people for his own ends and made things way more complicated than it needed to be, just to revive Tomi, the one he loved, despite her insistence on him stopping his plan.

Still, they someone how managed to make a character I shouldn’t like interesting enough for me to like him.

Number 12: Iori Fuyusaka

Can someone please explain to me how the hell her boobs grew that much between her teenage and adult versions? Like holy shit. Okay, let’s be serious now.

Iori is a pretty simple character for the most part on her own, but her multiple incarnations make her so much more interesting. There is the real world Chihiro Morimura who took over a little girl clone of herself, the adult version of her, and Iori Fuyusaka.

There was so much to unpack with her. She had dreams of Chihiro. Chihiro wanted to take her over. She fell in love with the stud Ei Sekigahara, and had so many other crazy things happen to her. She is arguably the center of the plot, alongside Juro. Her real world version was even some crazy mastermind who wanted to look after the remnants of humanity. So much of what happens relates back to some version of Chihiro, which made her such a compelling character.

I was also surprised a character like her was voiced by Allegra Clark. At least for the nurse version of Chihiro, that is the type of voice I would expect from her, but her Iori and mini Chihiro voices were something out of left field, yet still sounded fantastic.

Number 11: Nenji Ogata

It’s not hard for me to get behind the delinquent with a heart of gold archetype. For such a tough guy, he can be surprisingly caring and sentimental. He can be rough around the edges and quick to start a fight, but he can also be protective and he doesn’t stand for people’s bullshit.

I found his relationship with Tomi to be a compelling one. At first they don’t really like each other, but enduring the hardship of getting sent to sector 3 allows them to mellow out with each other and they end up warming up to each other over time.

I also really liked his aspirations to be like a hero. It’s childlike but admirable. There are multiple parts where he tries to act cool to seem like a hero, but ultimately comes off as a dork, which is an endearing trait for a delinquent to have. His confession mid battle was pretty funny, but I also respect it.

I also really liked his voice acting from Billy Kametz. I haven’t heard him take on a delinquent type of character, but he still managed to sell the character extremely well.

Number 10: Renya Gouto

I expected a serious and intelligent dude and that is what I got, but to use only that to describe him greatly undersells him.

He is a lot more cunning than he lets on. While working with mini Chihiro, he conducts his own investigation that leads him to discovering the truth of their world.

For a guy who seems so stuck up, he can be surprisingly caring, such as with Ryoko and with how he leads his teammates on the battlefield. What was even more surprising was his hidden feelings for the previous loop’s Chihiro.

His ability to remain calm in composed in all situations, even ones that would cause anyone to freak out, made me like him even more, since in most situations a character like him would reach their breaking point, and he never did.

Number 9: Juro Kurabe

Juro is another character who is made more interesting through his multiple incarnations. 426 is initially presented as the main villain of the story, but we eventually learn that he truly was trying to save everyone, and disguising himself as Kyuta and Fluffy was actually a part of his plan to get everyone ready for the final battle.

I think introducing 426 as a villain, only to reveal that his methods are what will eventually save everyone, was a genius idea. Juro is also made interesting as he lost his memories as Juro Izumi from this loop.

This causes his to be clueless and easy to manipulate, and creates an interesting internal dilemma of trying to figure out who he really is. This character conflict was really interesting because his dreams of killing his friends made him scared to make close connections with the ones he cares about, such as Megumi.

He ends up coming to the conclusion that regardless of what his memories are, the way he feels is real and that is what makes him who he is. A pretty fantastic character arc.

Juro was voiced by Chris Hackney, who did a great job. I don’t think I’ve seen him voice a character of this type. I am also counting Kyuta Shiba and Fluffy as a part of Juro’s entries, who was voiced by Ben Diskin. I knew Ben Diskin voiced Kyuta but it only took until the reveal to notice he voiced Fluffy as well. His voice truly is flexible, enough that it took me a while to notice this, which is impressive.

Number 8: Tsukasa Okino

You might be surprised that a character who isn’t one of the protagonists made it so high on my list, but he really impressed me despite not being playable.

His role in the story remains ambiguous throughout the whole story, but he ultimately ends up helping our protagonists out with surviving.

He’s super intelligent and spends much of the story figuring out many of the world’s secrets. I also really like his relationship with Takatoshi. He originally disguised himself as a girl in sector 5, which caused Takatoshi to have a crush on him.

In sector 4, he constantly messes with Takatoshi in order to get him to help out, but it turns out he really did care for Takatoshi, leaving him money and buying him his precious Yakisoba Pan. I ended up really liking how their relationship was portrayed throughout the story, with Tsukasa leaving hints as to how she feels about Takatoshi.

Number 7: Ei Sekigahara

Ei was an interesting character because it was always so hard to determine where his allegiances lye.

Before he lost his memories, he seemed to be with Ida, who was trying to sabotage everything. But we are also shown how he cares for Ryoko and he seems to start caring about Iori too.

When he loses his memories, he even begins to question himself on what his goals are. He even goes against his past self to do what he thinks is right and save Iori. It was also interesting to see him confront his feels for Iori, considering his real world self was an assassin sent to kill Chihiro.

He is also voiced by Kyle McCarley, but he sounded strangely different from what he normally sounds like. He tends to voice nice guys and snobby assholes, but someone as mysterious as Ei presented a type of voice I don’t think I’ve heard from him before, but he executes extremely well.

Number 6: Takatoshi Hijiyama

I find it hilarious how the character who should be the most serious character in the game became it’s biggest meme. He was a super serious soldier, but upon arriving in sector 4, he becomes obsessed with Yakisoba Pan, and gets led around by Tsukasa Okino all the time.

Seriously, his obsession with Yakisoba Pan is hilarious, even getting into an argument with Keitaro about it. And it’s hilarious how he calls Megumi his “Yakisoba Pan Angel”.

There are two aspects to his character, besides the memes, that I really love. The first is his devotion to protecting those he cares about, such as Tsukasa, Keitaro, and everyone left in sector 4.

The second is his relationship with Tsukasa. He initially had a crush on him when he crossdressed as a disguise. When he realizes Tsukasa is a guy, he is left questioning his feelings for him. He sometimes feels jealous when Tsukasa hangs out with other guys. But it feels like he came to the conclusion that he truly loves Tsukasa, even knowing he’s a guy. It helps that their real world versions are lovers. I find his character to be a great example of good LGBT representation, with a character learning to accept his own feelings as genuine despite social stigma, and is a great example of a bisexual character.

I also have to mention his voice acting from Kaiji Tang, who does a phenomenal job, especially when delivering some of his funny moments such as “You overestimate your borger, my friend!”

Number 5: Tomi Kisaragi

Tomi is a character you wouldn’t think would be so likeable at first glance. The glasses and braids give off the impression of the boring shy bookworm archetype, but that couldn’t be further off.

Tomi is actually a singer who posts her videos online, basically an internet idol. She goes with Mugumi to sector 4 after sector 3 is attacked. She’s surprisingly sociable and kinda sassy. In terms of personality, she kinda seems like the most normal character in the game. She is interested in the era of 1985, but also complains about the lack of the convenience of cell phones.

Her straightforward personality makes it easy for her to read the room and speak her mind when she feels she should. And her sassy nature leads her to sometimes being cheeky with the other characters.

What truly makes her character so interesting is her role in the story. The previous loop version of her dies and has her memory placed into an android by Ida, who loved her. A lot of crazy shit went down and that version of her became the idol Miyuki Inaba, who ended up helping everyone from outer space in the final battle.

I also really like her relationship with Nenji. It starts with her making fun of him, but eventually warming up to him when she realizes he really isn’t that bad of a guy.

It was nice to see a glasses-wearing girl stray from the typical archetypes and be one of the most enjoyable and compelling characters in the game.

And her being voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris is the icing on the cake considering she is by far one of my favorite voice actors, and she more than nails her character.

Number 4: Keitaro Miura

When I look at this design, I see a typical edgelord character, which couldn’t be further off from the truth. Keitaro is a modest, well-meaning boy, who wants what’s best for those he cares out.

He finds his home in ruins, only to shift to sector 4 and find that everything is alright. It’s here that begins to learn more about the world and form a relationship with Natsuno Minami.

He’s also surprisingly perceptive, realizing the inconsistencies of the TV broadcasts, which leads him to investigate and realize it was actually the sentinel being summoned.

One detail I noticed that I really liked is how he always holds his hat down, especially when he runs, like he is trying to cover the scar on his forehead. It really gives you a sense of his insecurities, such as his inability to save his home in sector 5 and protect his family. It’s because of this that you want to see him succeed.

I was always surprised to find out that BJ was actually the previous loop’s Keitaro. That means that Natsuno was with another version of himself the whole time. And BJ ends up doing a lot for them, retrieving vital information needed to understand the truth of their world.

I also want note his voice performance from Zach Aguilar. Considering he usually does soft-hearted nice guys, I was surprised to see him voicing a character like his, until I eventually realized Keitaro is a soft-hearted nice guy. This is my favorite example of his work.

Number 3: Natsuno Minami

I knew pretty quickly that I would be a huge fan of this sci-fi geek. Natsuno is a huge fan of famous sci-fi movies and books, and she makes a ton of references throughout the game.

When she meets BJ, she starts to believe that all of the sci-fi stuff is into is true. She travels through time and sees all this crazy shit, until realizing that the people of her world are the real aliens.

Considering BJ is just a robot, she seems to care a lot about it, as if he was her friend. It was kinda cute seeing her stuff him into the bag. Him popping out of the locker all of the time made Natsuno seem kinda like a pet owner which was funny.

Natsuno is surprisingly resilient. She had to dodge black suits for much of her route, and get involved in tons of danger, yet never wavered in her convictions.

I also really loved her relationship with Keitaro. She first met him in sector 5 and from there, their relationship grew very naturally over time, that I ended up rooting for them throughout the game.

Her friendship with Yuki was also really good, and it was nice to see childhood friends reunite once again. I was kinda shocked to see that the real world version of Natsuno was both the boyfriend of Keitaro, and the daughter of Yuki. It’s no wonder she felt affinity for both of them.

And her design is great. Her wearing her gym outfit most of the time helps distinguish her from the rest and suits her very energetic personality.

Another huge plus for Natsuno was that she was voiced by Erica Mendez, one of my favorite voice actors. She captured her energetic spirit perfectly and it was always fun to hear her geek out over sci-fi stuff.

Number 2: Yuki Takamiya

A character like this was made for me. A delinquent girl who can kick anyone’s ass and has a cool as fuck design, and is even able to make Iori’s heart skip a beat. She also fills the delinquent with a heart of gold trope I mentioned before. Her major motivation throughout the game is her devotion to her best friend Natsuno.

While she is forced to work with Ida, she never really had much intention of sticking with him, and isn’t afraid to do what she wants if it means protecting Natsuno.

One of my favorite moments in the game was when she finally found Natsuno after searching for her for so much of her route. It was one of the most satisfying scenes in the game.

There were also smaller details such as growing out her hair because Natsuno suggested it or drinking apple juice because she used to drink it with Natsuno as kids.

Her relationship with Shu was kinda meh on me at first but it grew on me over time. Yuki seemed to have a single track mind when it came to Natsuno, so seeing her find reasons to care about more than Natsuno was sweet, and it was kinda cute seeing her get embarrassed over someone getting her to show her soft side.

I also really need to point out her sprites. The sprites already look amazing in this game but Yuki might be the best example of it. Her character select portrait her doing that delinquent type of squat. She also does it when picking up juice from the vending machine. She also has other amazing sprites and animations such as when he scratches her back or when she puts her hand to her chin as she’s thinking.

Her voice acting also impressed me. I’ve never seen Laura Post do any kind of tomboy character before but she sells this character as if she was commonly typecast tomboys. Maybe she should be typecast as tomboys in the future.

It was kinda a given a tomboy would rank so high up on my list as the number 1 enthusiast of tomboy characters.

Number 1: Megumi Yakushiji

Who would have thought a character like her would unintentionally become such a badass. This is even pointed out in the story by other characters.

She was a girl from sector 3 who fell in love with Juro Izumi. She is fully devoted to him, going to sector 4 and deciding to live with him to get his memories back. She’s a shy and aloof girl, who’s devotion to the one she loves drives her to do what she would normally consider unthinkable. She’s also really kind and sweet. Some examples are how she makes Juro’s favorite meals, even cooking for Keitaro, who comes to live with them, and giving Takatoshi her last Yakisoba Pan, becoming the Yakisoba Pan Angel.

She makes a contract with a cat she calls Fluffy to shoot witches, in exchange for the cat bringing Juro’s memories back. This is very similar and possibly a reference to the popular anime Madoka Magica, which I really loved (and definitely need to rewatch).

It takes her a while to truly understand what is going on, so she constantly struggles with the guilt of having to shoot people, including her friends. Although it isn’t until later that she realizes it’s necessary for her to shoot them so they can activate the sentinels and collect meta-chips.

As she starts shooting people, she slowly gains more confidence and becomes kinda badass. She shoots Takatoshi in order to rescue Nenji, who was captured by them. And she goes back to the same place in order to rescue Juro, who was captured to get info on 426. Who the hell goes back to the same place twice to shoot and rescue?

What could have initially just been a generic weak-willed glasses girl, became one of the strongest characters in the game, all because of her love for Juro. It’s nice to see this game do glasses-wearing characters justice. She also just has an overall cute design.

To top it all off, she is voiced by the amazing Cristina Valenzuela, who’s voiced so many characters, it’s hard to keep count. And she does a fantastic job as expected. If anything, I would say this is one of my favorite roles from her.


The last time I did a main character rankings was for K-On!, and that just had 5 characters. Trying to rank 13 sentinels plus some other important characters was a lot harder and took a lot longer, but I absolutely loved this game and all of it’s fantastic characters, so I had to make a blog that talks about them.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, and let me know who your favorite characters are.

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  1. Yes, because Japan still can’t get over its fatphobia and made the fat character into an annoying brat. Can’t say I blame you for not liking Miwako.


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