More Anime to Watch During the Quarantine


A few months back I wrote a blog with 10 anime to watch while quarantined. Unfortunately, it seems like we are going to be quarantined for a long time due to the incompetence of the government, especially if you live in America.

To make things worse, recent current events have caused a huge movement to fix the many issues affecting us today, whether it would be racial or economic issues. Lots of people are suffering in today’s world, which I feel makes shows that stress empathy very important, but also shows that are lighthearted enough to heal our aching souls. Because of this, I came up with 10 more anime to watch while quarantined.

Castle Town Dandelion

Castle Town Dandelion is a cute slice of life comedy show that aired in 2015. I recently rewatched it in dub and enjoyed a lot. It’s about a family of princes and princesses who are potential heirs to the throne. Their father wants a new king, so they kids must present themselves to the public in a way that makes them seem worthy of being king. Because of this, cameras are installed everywhere to monitor them, and their lives are broadcast to the public. The protagonist, Akane Sakurada, is extremely shy and tries to avoid the cameras. Each of the kids has a special power, such as Akane having the ability to alter gravity and fly, or Shu having the ability to teleport.

The concept is pretty absurd, and lacking in logic at times. It’s obvious the elementary schoolers have no shot at winning. But it’s entertaining watching this diverse cast of characters try to win over the public in the best way only they can. Akane garners popularity because of her cuteness when embarrassed. Aoi is popular because she is nice and mature. Misaki gains attention by using her clones to volunteer her time to the public to help with with various tasks. I think because it’s absurd, it’s able to be pretty damn hilarious at times, but it also has some surprisingly wholesome moments too. You’re in for a great time if you watching this anime.

It’s streaming on Funimation in dub and sub.

Tamako Market

Tamako Market Anime Review | Anime Amino

Tamako Market is a sweet slice of life that takes place in a shopping arcade. Tamako is the daughter of a mochi shop owner. She’s super passionate about mochi and the shopping arcade. One day, she comes across a weird looking talking bird with a funny name.

This anime has an endearing cast and even some romantic aspects, which get expanded on in the sequel movie, Tamako Love Story. This anime is more than just a cute slice of life. It’s also about coming to terms with loss and using that to drive you to move on and look towards the future. While we all have painful stuff we go through, we can still move past it and live happy meaningful lives.

After watching Tamako Market, you should watch the sequel movie, Tamako Love Story, which is less comedy focused, and a great sequels that captures its main themes.

Both Market and Love Story are streaming on Hidive and Vrv in sub and dub.


Is anyone a fan of absurd comedy? D-frag has you covered. This is an anime about a delinquent, Kenji Kazama, who is forced to join a game creation club. This game creation club is a lazy group of weirdos who just want to sit around and have fun. They are rivals with a real game creation club. This sounds like the set up for and interesting drama, but this show really is just an absurd comedy.

Kenji is always yelling. The fake game creation club members are dumb weirdos who pretend to have elemental powers and cause endless amounts of trouble. This show has delinquents, masochists, athletic events, and a pigtails wielding psycho. It somehow manages to consistently come up with some hilarious gags, all the way up until the end. It also has some surprisingly touching moments and some themes of friendship. Just note that these friends are all crazy.

It’s streaming on Funimation in sub and dub.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Minami Kamakura is a cute slice of life show about girls and bicycles. If you are looking for intense drama, you aren’t gonna find it here. You will find an anime about girls who love bicycles. It starts with a dumb girl named Hiromi discovering her love of bikes. From there, we follow the cycling club as they participate in activities that reflect their love for bicycles.

It’s a pretty relaxing show with low stakes. It allows the author’s love of bicycles to shine through. The girls cycle around to various locations, and even participate in a huge race. Much of the show is pretty convenient and most drama is downplayed, but it works when portraying the girls’ and the author’s passion for bicycles. If you miss spending time with your friends in your hobbies, then I suggest spending time with these girls.

It’s streaming on Crunchyroll and Vrv in sub.

Mob Psycho 100

You ever just feel like watching an anime about someone trying to make up for their weaknesses and improve on themselves? Mob Psycho 100 is the perfect show for you. Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob, has crazy strong psychic powers. Unfortunately for him, that is all he is good at. His social awkwardness causes him to repress his emotions. He ends up meeting a con artists named Arataka Reigen in an attempt to improve himself, but he ends up just helping him with jobs, such as defeating evil spirits, to make him money. This anime follows Mob as he learns to be a more empathetic person on his path to improving himself, and in the process having an effect on the others around him.

It really is heartwarming seeing a character like Mob trying to improve himself, such as deciding to join the body building club to make up for his athletic ability. It’s also heartwarming to see someone with such insane power stick to his pacifistic principles, showing that power isn’t inherently evil, and what really matters is how the person uses it. The show also attempts to normalize Mob’s differences from others, recognizing him being just as valid as everyone else.

For a show with such insane animation and crazy levels of goofyness, it has a down to earth, heartwarming message about empathy and pacifism, told through a cast of simultaneously eccentric, and grounded characters. It’s simply a fantastic anime that I highly recommend, and has themes I feel are very important for these troublesome times.

It can be watched in sub and dub on Crunchyroll and Vrv.

New Game!

You know what would be an interesting idea considering the pandemic? An anime about working from home in the games industry. But that isn’t what New Game is about. New Game is an office comedy about a game developer. It has a colorful cast of cute girls for us to enjoy.

New Game has a great mix of cute girls slice of life comedy and relatable drama. Creating games isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work that will put these girls through various ups and downs. There are deadlines to meet, standards to adhere to, and rivalries that push our characters to do their best. I do need to bring special attention to the comedy though, as this anime is pretty freaking hilarious at times, especially scenes with Sakura Nene and Umiko Ahagon.

I think this show’s greatest strength, especially during these times, is how motivating it is to do your best even when things are tough. You will want to see these girls succeed, which makes it a very satisfying watch.

It can be watched on Crunchyroll and Vrv in sub and dub.


I have a special saying regarding P.A. Works. When you are watching a P.A. Works anime, you know you are watching a P.A. Works anime. Despite mecha being new for them, this has that P.A. Works feel to it in spades. Kuromukuro is a futuristic mecha anime that takes place in a technologically advanced and multi cultural city in Japan with extensive technology, including mecha. One day, aliens invade earth and a samurai from the Sengoku period awakens from cold sleep to fight them off.

The protagonist, Yuki Shirahane teams up with the samurai to pilot the mech and fight off the invaders. The actual mecha story is pretty simply, but it’s thematically a very interesting show. The samurai has to adapt to the new era he lives in, which can be pretty funny. But where this show really shines is in it’s coming of age themes. Yuki is a girl with no aims for the future and Kennosuke, the samurai, is bound by his self imposed obligations to his princess. Throughout this whole mecha alien plot, these characters are trying to find their place in life and figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Mix that in with some P.A. Works eccentricity with weird stuff like a school festival and an idiot who has to livestream every alien invasion to the world, and you got a fun and engaging mecha coming of age story with beautiful animation.

It’s streaming on Netflix in sub and dub.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is about a middle school classroom that is assigned to kill their octopus teacher before he destroys the world in a year. He can move at mach 20 so he is hard to kill, Luckily, there are special bullets and knives that can cut right through him. Despite the threat of destroying the world, their teacher Korosensei, turns out to be a really good teacher, who teaches the students valuable lessons that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

This show is at it’s best when focusing on the character’s struggles. It provides commentary on the trashy education system, as Korosensei figures out the best ways to impart important lessons and knowledge for the kids, all while they are still trying to kill him. It’s quite impressive how they were able to incorporate assassination into the show’s main themes. While some lessons miss the mark, I believe this show not only has important lessons for it’s characters, but also for the audience, which can make some moments in the show pretty emotional.

While not every character gets a huge amount of focus, the more important characters in the show are extremely likeable and engaging, such as it’s protagonist Nagisa, or the genius delinquent Karma.

It’s also got a fair amount of comedy, which is done surprisingly well. It’s good some hilarious gags, and well executed situational comedy, that it ends up being half educational, half comedic genius, which makes it a great watch for a wider audience. It’s dub is also fantastic, one of the best I’ve watched.

It’s streaming on Funimation in sub and dub.

Interviews With Monster Girls

The English title for this anime is misleading because these are demi-humans, not monster girls. Anyways, the show follows a teacher who is interesting in demi-humans. Some move to his school, so he interviews them to learn more about them and ends up helping them with their problems.

It’s an anime with some pretty good social commentary about accepting and understanding our differences. It positively promotes accessibility by making implementing methods to make the demi-humans more equal to everyone else. The anime stresses empathy and compassion for others, even if they are different from you. The show works as a great allegory for both disabilities, and the LGBT community. It handles its themes with tact and understanding, without ever getting into weird territory. It has some truly heartfelt moments that really stand out.

It’s more important than ever that we realize every is valid and that everyone should be accommodated to their needs, so it’s great to see a show that promotes such a message.

It’s streaming on Funimation in sub and dub.

Planet With

Planet With was my favorite anime of 2018. I’m quite amazed a show is able to compact so much into such a short period of 12 episodes. Souya Kuroi is the last member of his planet’s race that was killed by a giant dragon. He arrives on earth and is plunged into an intergalactic battle between the pacifists who want to leave earth alone and let humans do what they want, and a group that wants to control the earth’s evolution, fearing it’s power.

Planet With tells a story of revenge at first, with Souya wanting revenge for the extinction of his race, but it evolves into a nuanced story about the nature of power, and about empathy, compassion, fear, pacifism, emotional support, and forgiveness. It successfully subverts common anime tropes in the most human way possible.

It’s able to pack so much meaning into such a short period of time. Most anime would need 48 episodes to do what this anime did, but this anime is so married to it’s ideas, that it’s able to trim that fat and tell a quick, exciting, and human tale in only 12. It’s characters are surprisingly nuanced and down to earth. In spite of that, the show has no qualms about being as absurd as possible when it wants to, because thought provoking themes is no excuse to be boring, and this show is fun as hell.

Just when you think the momentum can’t get any higher, this anime goes full steam ahead with it’s momentum, into exceedingly over-the-top, but also grounded and emotional scenes, which carry so much impact. This is easily one of the most important anime to air during these troublesome times where empathy is very important, but to do so with such nuance makes this an even greater achievement. It’s able to do all with cool animal style mecha, weird cat things, a goth maid, and crazy animal-based super attacks.

This weird mecha anime is an absolute must watch.

It’s streaming on Crunchyroll and Vrv in sub.


I tried to include a good mix of comedy, heart warming slice of life, and themes I felt are very relevant and important in these times. I think I was able to achieve that with a good variety of shows, with a mix of some popular ones and some hidden gems. Hopefully you try some of these out and hopefully this pandemic goes away sooner rather than later, so I don’t have to make a part 3 for this series.

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