I Should Have Watched Astra Lost In Space Sooner

Last year I did a top 10 anime of the year list. I didn’t watch much last year, so it wasn’t a very good favorites list. Another reason why that list sucked was because Astra Lost In Space wasn’t on it.

I was planning on watching Astra Lost In Space last year, but I never got around to it. It was only until a few months ago that I gave the anime a shot, and I was shocked by how much I loved it. It was able to tell such an impactful story in such a short timeframe, without any loose ends.

If I had watched the anime last year when it aired, it surely would have made my top 10 of the year. It probably would have been number 2. To make up for this atrocious blunder, I decided to make a blog to gush about this series.

Astra Lost In Space follows a group of students who are about to go on a trip to another planet in outer space. The goal is to camp out for a few days by themselves and get collected to return. But when they arrive, a mysterious orb appears and drags them in. Next thing they know, they are light years away from their home planet.

They find a space ship floating in space and use the ship to try to get back home. But the ship can only hold up to 20 days worth of food and drink. So they have to hop from planet to planet to get back home and make sure they have enough food and drink. They also find the communications of the ship were cut, so there is a traitor on board.

The concept seems pretty simple, yet the writers managed to make a story that was engaging and thrilling to the very end. Each planet is unique and beautiful in it’s design. Each creates new challenges for the characters to overcome, both internally and externally. It successfully combines man vs self, man vs man, and man vs nature conflicts all into one.

As they travel from planet to planet, you will learn more and more about each character. They are all engaging and have relevance to the plot. Nobody feels wasted. They all try to overcome their personal barriers, to become stronger people. It can seem a bit melodramatic at times, but it does such a good job at endearing you to its characters that it’s capable of making all of the emotional beats hit.

The plot twists in this show are kinda insane. The farther they travel, the more they learn the truth about the situation they are in. The story kept taking turns in direction I didn’t expect it to go. So if you are expecting a thriller with twists and turns at every corner, this anime fulfills that with flying colors.

I also love how this show portrays sensitive subject matters. It has a fantastic portrayal of an LGBT character and successfully condemns shitty parenting without showing pity or forgiveness for the shit they do. This allows the show to succeed as a story of found family, showing the bonds you make with the ones you care about are infinitely more important than blood relationships, and that everyone is valid regardless of their circumstances. And by the time you are done with the show, that message will stick really hard due to how well the character chemistry is executed.

Comedy is really well done in this anime. It mixes in funny gags from time to time and is sometimes pretty clever. It does a good job at not feeling overbearing and the show knows when to take itself seriously, so it never uses comedy when the tone of the scene isn’t suited to it.

The music in this anime is on another level. I feel it’s a pretty good sign when you get the feeling that the music sounds like something you’ve heard in another anime. When I heard some of it’s best tracks, I was reminded of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. And it turns out they had the same composer, Masaru Yokoyama. He also made other soundtracks that I loved such as Fate/Apocrypha, Bubuki Buranki, and Occultic; Nine. I’m not the most perceptive person to anime soundtracks, so I feel that if I take notice of a soundtrack, it must be exceptionally good.

I also need to give attention to the English dub. As a dub fan, I do find the vast majority of dubs, especially in recent times, to be extremely good. This is of course the case with Astra Lost In Space. But I also wanna give attention to it’s diverse cast. There are some familiar faces for Funimation dubs, but there are also multiple black voice actors and a trans voice actor. And they did a damn good job.

Astra Lost in Space was a show that seemed interesting just based on it’s premise, but I was so invested in the show, that it exceeded my expectations, and makes it pretty far up on my favorites list. It’s an emotional journey of hardship, overcoming trauma, friendship, love, and family. It’s consistently able to pull you in from start to finish. It avoids commonly overused tropes and is able to tell a compelling narrative with twists that will having you saying “one more episode” just about every episode. It has a cast of characters who you will grow to love and want to see happy by the end of it.

Astra Lost In Space is a beautiful anime that has just about everything you could want in an anime, so I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a must watch I would recommend to everyone.

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